Transform water quality with Magnation’s Turfbolt™ to a more vibrant, productive and energized state. Eliminate dry spots, improve soil infiltration, moisture retention and soil health resulting in denser, safer and greener turf with 20% less water.

Price: $ 250.00

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United States

Contact Name: Mike Cohn

Phone: 888 820 0363

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URL: http://rainlikewater.com



Keeps sprayer parts, emitters and nozzles free of mineral build up
Reduced water, energy and chemical requirements
Solve hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) issues
Significantly reduced water hardness (CaMg)
Solve calcium carbonate (CaCO3) problems
Eliminate localized hydrophobic dry spots
Reduce SAR’s (Sodium adsorption ratio)
Solve bicarbonate (HCO3) problems
Increased dissolved oxygen (O2)
Denser, safer and greener turf
Improved nutrient uptake